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Apparel and fashion fabrics

Discover our selection of clothing fabrics to sew all your clothes and fashion accessories. Sewing your wardrobe is an excellent eco-responsible approach, and a very entertaining and creative activity!

Here you'll find our fabric collections, classified by material or composition, so you can sew all the pieces in your wardrobe and that of your family. Cotton, jersey, sweatshirt, minky, wool, OEKO-TEX® label, upcycling or our exclusive By Léa collection... More than 6,000 clothing fabrics are waiting for you to create all your hand-sewn projects.

Sew your wardrobe for all seasons

Bring all your clothing creations to life with our wide variety of fabrics that will enable you to sew unique and original pieces for every occasion all year round.

Fabrics for the summer season

You'll love working with light, breathable fabrics to design your spring/summer wardrobe. Browse our collections in viscose, linen, double gauze, crepe or veil to sew flowing, comfortable garments. Dare to experiment with colors and flowers, or prefer light tones for hot weather.

Warm fabrics to face winter

As soon as the leaves fall, the opposite trend sets in... We like to wear warm, soft and comfortable clothes. Take pleasure in sewing wool, fleeces, minky and sweatshirt fabrics to create garments and accessories that will protect you from the cold. You'll find everything you need for smart outfits (jackets, coats, snoods, hats) for going out and about, as well as comforting pieces to wear at home (throws, pyjamas).

Fabrics we love all year round

For classic, timeless pieces to be worn all year round, you'll need the leading fabrics used every day in your sewing projects. You'll find a wide choice of 100% cotton fabrics with exclusive plains and patterns for blouses, children's clothing, bags... or for lining your pieces. And for garments that need elasticity (tee-shirts, blouses, leggings) you'll love working with our different types of jersey.

Accessible apparel fabrics for everyone

Our upcycling chain ♻

Nearly 60% of our catalog is made up of garment fabrics purchased from Haute Couture houses, designers and major ready-to-wear brands. We maintain close links with select partners from whom we recover unused fabrics for their clothing collections. When you choose our upcycling fabrics, you're choosing quality fabrics to sew beautiful, cost-effective pieces.

Notre Collection Exclusive By Léa

For several years now, our designer has been imagining and designing original patterns that are sent into production exclusively for our brand. By Léa, Exclusive fashion Collection offers you different types of cotton: cretonne, poplin, satin and twill. We also offer a range of 100% viscose poplin fabrics. Here are some pretty prints you won't find anywhere else!

Quality partners

We also meet regularly with publishers and suppliers to expand and complete our range of apparel fabrics with collections in line with the latest fashions and trends!

Sew clothes and accessories for the whole family

Fabrics to sew your own clothes... But that's not all! We bring togethera wide variety of fabrics in terms of composition, texture, feel, color and pattern to enable you to sew garments for men, women and children. Apparel fabrics are also used to make fashion accessories and useful objects for the home.

women's clothing and accessories

Textures and materials to sew every piece of your wardrobe: lingerie, underwear, skirts, pants, blouses, blouses, jackets & coats. And don't forget to wear your hand-sewn accessories from our collections of cotton, velvet, faux fur and jersey fabrics... You can also use them to sew bags, headbands, scarves, scrunchies and many other fashion items.

men's clothing

Fabrics in both classic and modern patterns and compositions for sewing men's dressing room pieces. Checked cottons, imitation leather, jeans... Make way for sewing pants, jackets, shirts or accessories like the classic bow tie!

sewing for children

Equipped with your sewing machine, you'll be able to make not only children's clothing, but also a host of small accessories and personalized childcare items. Our cotton, jersey and sweatshirt fabrics come in a range of children's designs to create pieces in worlds they'll love. We also have a wide range of OEKO-TEX®-certified fabrics, guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances during the production process. Double gauzeminkyhoneycomb and quilted cotton are ideal fabrics for baby items such as bumper pads, comforters, blankets, wipes baskets and sleeping bags.

What to sew with our apparel fabrics?

Looking for ideas? Take a look at our haberdashery department and discover a wide range of sewing patterns:

  • Women's patterns: blouses, jackets, skirts, dresses, blouses... We test and approve timeless, original patterns with clear explanations. Accessible to all sewing levels.
  • Patterns for children: jumpsuits, pajamas, sweaters, coats... We've selected cute, easy-to-sew outfits and ensembles to dress your babies and kids.
  • Accessories: pouch, plush, cushion, bag... There are PDF patterns and tutorials designed by us or our partners for you to discover.

In addition to the dressing world, you can also use apparel fabrics to sew all kinds of useful objects for your home:

  • Bathroom linen: sew your towels and bathrobes with our cotton or bamboo terry fabrics. Bamboo viscose is also very popular for reusable make-up remover squares, washable paper towels and baby wipes. Honeycomb cotton lets you sew dishcloths and towels.
  • Table linen: impress your guests by presenting your table with fabric napkins, a pretty hand-sewn table runner and even under plates.
  • Home decor: sew and embellish pretty cushion covers to decorate your space or a child's bedroom. And why not a totally practical and original dog bed cover?

Parcourez aussi notre BLOG pour trouver des idées de vêtements à coudre. Rendez-vous dans notre catégorie dressing ou accessoires pour profiter de tutoriels gratuits. 

Alors prête à vous lancer? Il ne reste plus qu'à faire votre choix! Découvrez nos collections de tissus d'habillement pour donner vie à tous vos projets! 

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