Delivery of your order

During sales period / Black Friday, exceptional circumstances, the preparation and delivery time can be prolonged with 2-3 additional days. Thank you for your understanding.

Preparation of your order

The preparation of your order can take between 1 to 3 working days in function of the season after we received your payment.

Particular case: 

If an item of your order is not in stock anymore, you will receive an e-mail that allows you to choose another product, a voucher for your next order or the reimbursement of the item. We will wait for your answer before continuing your order.

After a period of 20 days without news from you, we will send the available items of your order and reimburse the sum of the articles that are not in stock anymore.

Transport of your package 

You chose pick-up in store

This delivery option is free. The delivery in a store is of 1 to 5 working days according to the available items in the chosen store. Please note that the packages are prepared and routed from Brussels. An express withdrawal on the same day of your order is thus not possible.

Attention: Our stores are in Belgium: Brussels, Hognoul and Waterloo.

You chose a home delivery or at a pick-up point

We send the packages on all working days (except bank holidays)

In Belgium: the delivery time is 1 to 3 working days from the moment you receive an e-mail indicating your package is process of delivery.

In France: The delivery time is of 2 to 5 working days from the moment you receive an e-mail indicating your package is process of delivery.

International: The delivery time varies between  3 to 10 working days according to the country of destination. 

Shipping rates by country and delivery method :




0-2kg 2-5kg 5-20kg
BELGIUM 3,95€ 4.15€ 4,95€
FRANCE 4,80€ 5,50€ 6,80€
NETHERLANDS 5.40€ 5,40€ 6,00€
LUXEMBOURG 6.10€ 6,75€ 8,90 €
SPAIN 6.60€ 6,60€ 6.60 €



0-3kg 3-10kg 10-20kg
BELGIUM 4.45€ 5.20€ 5,80€
FRANCE 8.20€ 13,85€ 15.45€
NETHERLANDS 6.15€ 8.25€ 9.05€
LUXEMBOURG 5,35€ 7,30€ 7,00€
SPAIN 10,60€ 17.55€ 23.50€
GERMANY 7.05€ 7,85€ 8,60€
ITALY 11,35€ 14,90€ 18.10€
PORTUGAL 12.10€ 17,90€ 23,60€
CZECH REPUBLIC 9.15€ 9,90€ 10.25€
FINLAND 17.35€ 22.75€ 27.95€
LITHUANIA 12.95€ 16.30€ 19.65€

*During the end-of-year peak from 23/11 to 25/12 inclusive, the DPD delivery rate is increased by €0.25 (excluding VAT).


COUNTRY/WEIGHT 0-30kg 30-60kg
BELGIQUE 6,75€ 12.50€
NETHERLANDS 7,99€ 14,10€
LUXEMBOURG 8.45€ 16.90€
GERMANY 10.50€ 21.00€
ITALY 19.40€ 38.80€
PORTUGAL 17.30€ 34.60€
SPAIN 16.90€ 33.80€
DENMARK 17.50€ 35€
SWEDEN 20.55€ 41.10€
FINLAND 25.20€ 50.40€
CZECH REPUBLIC 14,90€ 29,80€
LITHUANIA 39.25€ 78.50€

*During the end-of-year peak from 23/11 to 25/12 inclusive, the DPD delivery rate is increased by €0.25 (excluding VAT).

Remarks and information:

The price is calculated based on the weight of the package. To estimate the weight of a package, know that a cotton apparel fabric with a 140cm width weighs about 250gr / meter and upholstery fabric about 400gr / meter without packaging.

Some products (oilcloths, bulgomme, faux leather etc ...) cannot be sent folded in a cardbox otherwise there will be folds in the fabric. These products will be sent on rolls. A note is visible on the pages of the concerned products. These products can't be delivered to a pick-up point.

The delivery costs are indicated to the user and are charged to him at the end of the order in addition to the price of the  ordered items. Once the order has been validated by "Les Tissus du Chien Vert", these costs are fixed and cannot be changed. Delivery costs will be charged to the buyer with each new order placed on the site, except in special terms agreed between the buyer and "Les Tissus du Chien Vert".

Your order will be delivered to the address you provided when ordering or registering.

"Les Tissus du Chien Vert" makes every effort to respect the delivery times mentioned on the site. However, "Les Tissus du Chien Vert" cannot be held responsible for exceeding deadlines, which cannot therefore give rise to damage, detentions or interest. In the event of non-receipt of a package within the time indicated for a reason not attributable to "Les Tissus du Chien Vert", an investigation will be launched by with the post office. These steps can take up to 21 days for the the post. During this period, the transaction will be suspended, and no refund or return will be made.

In the case of delivery to a pick-up point, the Mondial Relay transporter notifies the customer by email of the arrival of his package. The customer is invited to come and collect it within 8 days. After this time, the package will be returned to the sender and the costs of a new shipment will be charged to the customer.

In the case of an unsuccessful delivery for a reason beyond our control, for example an incomplete address, missing contact information, or failure to collect the package at the post office/point of collection,... Return shipping costs (+4,00€) will be charged to the customer if he/she wants a new shipment.

In the case of a return to the sender for any reason, "Les Tissus du Chien Vert" keeps the package for a period of 6 months once received. After this period and without news and / or responses from the customer, the package will be destroyed without compensation or reimbursement possible.