Summer Sales

summer sales

The summer sale is on! Take advantage of a 20% discount on nearly 3000 clothing fabrics.  You'll find a wide choice of materials and patterns to sew your garments and accessories: viscose, cotton, jersey, lace, denim... Sew what you want!

Exclusive quality fabrics

We're not featuring end-of-stock items, but a wide selection of unique fabrics representing almost 60% of our catalog! These are our collections from our upcycling network: fabrics recovered from leading designers and ready-to-wear brands. These close, privileged ties with our trusted partners enable us to offer you quality fabrics at controlled prices. Our special sales are an opportunity to try out this unique range of fabrics by the meter.

Make all your sewing projects come true

You'll find fabrics dedicated to clothing for all your outfits and dressing pieces. Dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, blouses... It's time to sew your summer or mid-season wardrobe.

You can also make great accessories and customize your objects. Sew pretty scrunchies or headbands, make a pencil case, a bag, a case, a lunch-bag...

Take advantage of sales from 1m. purchased per reference and sew all your desires with thousands of fabrics at attractive prices. On your machines!

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