Flea market of Chien Vert

The flea market of Chien Vert is coming online! Unique fabric cloths at attractive prices are waiting for you... 

les puces du chien

What is it ?

Originally, the flea market is a dedicated space in each store that gathers hundreds of fabric cloths at very low prices! It's kind of Ali Baba's cave to find good deals: end of rolls, collections, scraps... Here nothing is lost and we offer you fabrics in the form of cloths of various sizes at round prices!

Welcome to the online Flea Market of Chien Vert...  in the form of a matching duo: a combination of two cloths (1X2,5M and 1x1,5m, or 4m fabric in total) or a unique cloth (1X3M fabric) at a round price! Warning: very few pieces available for each duo. As they say: "first come, first served!

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