The bow tie

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This time I started sewing to dress Mr. ! I made pretty bow ties ... It's easy, it's original and fast to make: Count 30 minutes to make your first bow tie. A nice gift idea that will please him and enhance his outfits for events !

DIY le noeud papillon


To make a bow tie:

  • a piece of fabric

20cm of fabric is more than enough! Why not use scraps from your previous sewing work? For the composition, you are have a lot of choice, perhaps avoid stretch materials. 

  • a few pins (optional)

Step 1 : Cut the shapes out

Start by cutting out the different parts of your bow tie:

  • 1 piece A of 37 X 16cm
  • 1 piece B of 9 X 7cm
  • 2 pieces C : your neck measurement + 5cm X 3,5cm

Step 2 : The A piece

Take piece «A». We will work on it by following the steps on this diagram: 

centre du noeud

Fold it in 2 lengthwise, right sides together, and sew around the edge. Warning: Leave an opening in the middle to be able to turn it over.

prenez le morceau 1 et pliez en 2

coudre le pourtour

I advise you to rough the angles before turning it over. Iron the part and close it with a blind stitch.

fermer au pojnt invisible

Then fold your piece "A" in 2 in the direction of the width this time and make a seam at 6cm from the edge.

cousez le morceau A

Fold and arrange the piece as below: 

pliez le morceau

disposez la pièce comme ceci

Your piece «A» is done.

Step 3 : the B piece

Take the "B" piece . Fold the ends of the short side over about 1cm then fold the long side into thirds to get a maximum width of 3cm. Mark each fold with an iron.

pliure du morceau B

marquer au fer

Take your  "A" piece (which is starting to look like a knot) and pinch it in the center with your fingers to come and place the "B" piece around like a ring.

passer A dans B

fermer à la main

Center it well then sew a stitch by hand to close the work at the back.

Step 4 : The C piece 

Sew the two “C” pieces together, right sides together, making sure to leave a small opening. Turn it over, mark with an iron then close the work.

le tour de cou

You then get your loop that you just have to slip on the back of the knot. Place your snap buttons ... 

les pressions

Your handmade bow tie is ready to be worn !

le noeud papillon est prêt

Choose for a bow tie with patterns

Here are my latest version with printed cottons from the collection By Léa ;-)

noeud papillon handmade

See you soon,


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Les Tissus du Chien Vert - 02/21/2022 10:50:55

Bonjour Clémentine, Honnêtement nous n'avons pas testé... Mais pourquoi pas :-) À bientôt,

Clémentine - 02/10/2022 10:19:28

Bonjour, J'aurais savoir si cela était envisageable avec de la double gaze ? Merci d'avance