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Driiiing ... It's back to school! For this event, our blogger Léa invites you to make this practical and cute Lunch Bag. Choose to put your snacks, meals, make-up, secret objects ... Long story short you can always use this case!

tuto coudre un lunch bag


To make your lunch bag, you will need :

A large collection of waterproof and anti-stain fabrics can be found on the eShop.

It will be used for the lining of the kit. Choose an OEKO-TEX® certified cotton free of harmful substances. You can find them here > 

In order to match everything, let's go to the haberdashery departement >

Download it here for free >

Step 1 : Cut out the pieces

Print the instructions (French) on a A4 paper so that you have the cutting and sewing instructions next to you. It will be useful throughout  making the Lunch Bag.

découpez les pièces

Transfer the measurements from the drawings * 1,2,3 onto pattern paper then onto the coated fabric or cotton as specified and cut your pieces.

Step 2 : Sew the strap 

Place the strap in the center of one of the coated fabric pieces * 1 (on the right side of the fabric). Pin and sew according to the dotted lines shown in the sewing diagram * A, this will be the back side of the Lunch Bag.

placer la sangle sur l'arrière du lunch bag

Step 3 : Assemble the exterior sides

We will now assemble the front and back sides of our Lunch Bag :

Pin the two sides * 1 of the coated fabric right sides together and stitch the sides and bottom. To sew the two corners, separate the fabrics from the corner, flatten and stitch.

assemblage faces extérieurs

assemblage faces extérieurs

Repeat the step to assemble the lining of the bag with the cotton pieces.

assemblage de la doublure

Do not forget to leave 5cm opening to turn the piece over. Do not close the opening!

coudre le pourtour en laissant une ouverture de 10cm

Step 4 : Placing the flap

Start by assembling the flaps right sides together, pin and sew a seam on the sides and the top of the flap.

Pin the flap on the back side of the strap as shown in the sewing diagram * D.

mise en place du rabat

Step 5 : Assemble the bag and the lining

It's time to assemble the "lining bag" and the "coated bag".

Start by tucking the coated bag into the lining.

rentrer le sac dans la doublure

Make a hem by folding the edges over 0.5cm and hold everything with pins or small patchwork clips. Then sew a seam around the edge with the sewing machine.

Turn the piece over through the opening left in the lining and close with a blind stitch.

retourner l'ouvrage

arrière de votre lunch bag

votre lunch bag retourné

Add a snap button and your lunch bag is done ... All you have to do is fill it with what you want !

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See you soon,


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