How to sew SWEATSHIRT fabric

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Want to sew a pretty sweatshirt? You've probably seen our sweatshirt fabric collections > How to sew our sweatshirt fabrics? Can you compare it to jersey? We'll explain it all to you, along with the best practices for sewing our SWEATSHIRTS fabrics efficiently.

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What can I sew with sweatshirt fabric?

Sweatshirt fabric belongs to the knitted fabric family. Soft and extensible, it is used to sew warm, comfortable clothes. It's THE best sweatshirt fabric! Here are some creative ideas for sewing with our sweatshirt fabrics:

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  • commonly used for sewing tops. Sweaters and hoodies, a jacket, a zipped cardigan... Add pockets for practicality, and you've got a timeless, casual piece of garment, for everyday wear.
  • You can also sew jogging pants, perfect to relax at home or for playing sports.
  • A dress or jumpsuit is perfectly possible with a light sweatshirt fabric!
  • Accessories in sweatshirt also work: tote bags, glasses cases, cushion covers...

The difference between sweatshirt fabric and jersey fabric?

Sweatshirt fabric and jersey fabric are both knitted fabrics. They are extensible and often intended for sewing soft, comfortable pieces. Although they have similarities, there are differences between the two.

Jersey fabric is generally thinner, lighter and more breathable. It is often used to sew lighter, more fitted garments such as t-shirts, dresses and blouses. It is made from mix of cotton, viscose and polyester. You'll find more practical details in our focus on sewing jersey fabric in this article here.  

Sweatshirt fabric is thicker and heavier. It's best used for sewing warm garments such as jumpers, sweatshirts and sweatpants. Sweatshirt fabric is often made from a blend of cotton and polyester for added strength and softness.

This fabric has a curly texture on the inside, offering extra thermal insulation. Duffle sweatshirt fabric can also be for the autumn/winter season.

In short, although jersey and sweatshirt fabrics have similarities in terms of comfort and style, their differences lie in their weight, texture and use.

How to sew sweatshirt fabric?

  1. It's best to wash and dry your sweatshirt fabric once before sewing. Avoid the dryer to minimize shrinkage.

  2. Use a stretch or jersey sewing needle, depending on the thickness and weight of your fabric.

    aiguille à jersey

  3. Which sewing thread should I use for sweatshirt fabric? As with jersey, we recommend that you use Gütermann's Maraflex elastic thread on your machine: a high-tension thread suitable for flexible seams.

    quel fil à coudre pour le sweat ?

    Do you know foam thread for overlockers? Soft and highly elastic, it is specially designed for decorative seams in jersey.

  4. Use the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine to avoid wrinkles and respect the elasticity of the fabric. 

The advantages of sweatshirt fabric?

  • Comfortable: sweatshirt fabric is soft, fluffy and comfortable to wear. It offers freedom of movement and is perfect for trendy casual wear.

  • Warm: because of its density, sweatshirt fabric is ideal for warm, weather-resistant garments. So it's perfect for outerwear, winterwear and sportswear.

  • Durable: sweatshirt fabric can withstand  repeated washing and rubbing.

  • Easy to maintain: sweatshirt fabric is easy to clean and wrinkle-free.

Need sewing ideas with sweatshirt fabric? 

idées couture sweat

Here are a few suggestions for sewing patterns in our store that you can sew with sweatshirt fabric.


boulon teddy maxou

patron sweatshirt vancouver

patron femme kimono oreo


patron huco sweat bonnet

gilet masha patron couture

patron sweat charlie enfant

Perfect finishing touch : cuffing fabric

les bords côte

Beautiful and original finishing on the edges of your garments? Cuffing fabric will give your sweatshirt sleeves or sweatpants bottoms some support. It's also a great way to give your creations a boost!

nos bords côtes

So, are you ready to start sewing SWEATSHIRT FABRIC? Share your creations with us and discover all our collections here >
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