DIY the triangle scarf

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The scarf, an essential fashion accessory for when you go to take some.... fresh air !. This is a variation of the large square scarf tutorial that you can discover here. Here is the tutorial of the triangle scarf this time:

DIY le foulard triangle



To make your triangle scarf :

tissus pour foulard triangle

  • 2 squares of 1x1m, fabric of your choice... (only one square is enough if you use the same fabric for both sides> see step 1)

I prefer light and flexible fabrics. Double gauze is my favorite at the moment :-)

Step 1 :

Cut your 2 squares of fabric diagonally to have triangles. So if you want two mismatched sides you will have enough to sew two scarves.

Note : If you want the same fabric for the wrong side and the right side, you cut your square in half diagonally to make a scarf. But if you want a different front / back, cut two squares (and get 4 triangles) to make two scarves.

Arrange your piping cord (or braid trim) on the right side of one side of the scarf, along the two short sides as shown in this diagram:

schémas de pose du galon

Sew it with a straigth stitch.

coudre le galonposer le galon

Step 2 :

Take the other triangle (side 2 of your scarf) and pin it on the first one right sides together.

Sew while using the first stitching (the on of the braid trim) as a guide and continue on the third side, remember to leave an opening to turn your scarf over.

assemblages des faces

Remove the excess at the three points and turn over. Close with a blind stitch by hand.

ajouter les pressions et le foulard est terminé

For the snap buttons, you are quite free. Each time, I put my scarf on and place a mark as I wish ... I don't know why, depending on the fabrics, I never put snap buttons at the same place. Here is the result :

le foualrd triangle est terminé

See you soon,


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