DIY - The classic tote bag

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Easy to make, you can make  several versions to match your look. Very practical for taking the minimum you need, for shopping or even to go to work.

DIY le tote bag


  • 2 cloths of 50x50cm fabric for the exterior (the bag)
  • 2 cloths of 50x50cm fabric for the interior (the lining)
  • Strap of 120cm 

Step 1 : cut the shapes

You have two pieces for the exterior and two for the lining. 

forme totebag

préparer vos pièces

If you want, have fun adding details: I made a pocket and placed a piece of lace on one of the sides for the exterior.

j'ajoute une poche sur la face extérieure

Step 2 : place the straps

Cut the piece of strap in half. Fold the strap as shown and pin it to the right side on one of the exterior side. The recommended distance between the straps is 13cm. Repeat the step on the other side.

montage des sangles

Step 3 : assemble the sides

Place your sides right sides together and sew a seam along both sides and at the bottom of the bag. 

Warning ! for the lining, leave an opening of 10cm at the bottom to be able to return it over. 

assemblage des faces

la doublure

Step 4 : Sew the gusset

Your bag & lining are still turned. Fold the angle and sew a seam on both layers. Only turn the bag over and push its corners out at the exterior. 

couture du soufflet

Step 5 : assemble the bag and the lining 

montage doublure

Slide the bag into the lining and pin the circumference. Sew a seam 1 cm from the edge. 

glisser le sac dans la doublure

épingler er coudre le pourtour

Take the bag out through the 10cm opening left in the bottom of the lining. Close this opening with a seam and tuck the lining into the bag.

retourner le sac par l'ouverture

Watch this step : How to make the lining of your tote bag?

Your tote bag is ready !

See you soon,

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CHRISTIANE LAFFARGUETTE - 06/14/2023 18:18:35

merci pour ce tuto !!