DIY - the XXL tote bag

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New season, new bag! This one is large and very practical to slip in all your groceries, purchases or...  fabrics ;-) Here is how to sew this XXL tote bag :

coudre un totebag xxl

Material to sew your XXL totebag

  • 2 fabric cloths of 50x50cm for the exterior of the bag (visible side) / 1 fabric cloth of 11x40cm for the bottom and 2 fabric cloths  of 15x45 for the sides. Also plan 1 fabric cloth  of 35x35cm for the front pocket 

  • 2 fabric cloths of 50x50cm for the interior (the lining). And the same: 1 fabric cloth of 35x35cm for the front pocket 

I chose a cotton upholstery fabric which is stronger if I want to carry heavier things. This is the exclusive collection By Léa 

  • 1m strap or like me you can sew the handles yourself with the same fabric

Step 1: prepare the pieces of the bag

Print the template, trace and cut out the pieces of your tote bag. Here is a diagram of the measurements of the pieces: 

les éléments du sac

découper les éléments du tote bag

Step 2: piping cord

Lay and sew the piping at the edge of the 2 sides for the exterior of the bag. 

épingler le passepoil

coudre le passepoil

Step 3: the pocket

Arrange the two fabric cloths for the pocket right sides together and sew around the edges, leave an opening of 10cm.

coudre la poche

Turn it over and close the bottom of the pocket with a blind stitch.

la poche est prête

Place the pocket on one of the sides and sew the edge, don't sew the top part. The front of your future tote bag is ready.

placer la poche

coudre la poche sur la face avant

Step 4: the bottom of the bag and the handles

Continue assembling the bag by sewing the bottom and sides.

le fond et les bords latéraux

Let's make the handles: I prepared them myself with fabric scraps. You can also choose a ready-to-use strap. I have two pieces of 50cm. It's up to you to adapt the length according to how you will carry your bag.

Pin each handle in "U" shape on each side, leaving 13cm of space for your comfort.

épingler les anses

Step 5: Assemble the sides of the tote bag

Pin (or pinch) the sides of the bag right sides together and sew around the edge. Do the same for the lining, leave an opening of 10cm.

assemblage des faces

Tuck the lining inside the bag and assemble the two by sewing them together.

rentrer la doublure dans le sac

Turn everything over through the opening left in the lining and sew around the edge to reinforce everything.

retourner l'ouvrage

If you wish you can fold and sew the handles like this:

finition des anses

Congratulations... Your XXL tote bag is ready !

tote bag XXL par Léa

See you soon,


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Lairin Arlet - 09/24/2023 08:25:23

Vos tutos sont top, merci

Genin - 05/08/2023 23:02:12

Merci pour ce beau tuto pour réaliser ce sac passepoilé

Claudine - 10/19/2022 17:31:29

Mon premier n’était pas concluant mais je reviens sur mes premières constatations : très bien expliqué. J’adore et c’est le troisième que je confectionne. Merci pour ce tutoriel.

Anne - 07/19/2022 12:01:23

Merci pour cet article. J’ai récemment fait l’achat d’un tissu bouclette pour pouvoir faire mon propre tote bag !

Jessica - 04/19/2022 07:34:01

Hi, tuto simple à suivre, un plaisir à coudre