DIY the tablet sleeve

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A nice sleeve to store your tablet. Here is a useful accessory :-) Do not hesitate to adapt the measurements according to the size of your precious tablet. My tablet measures 25x20cm. So I have a finished sleeve of 27x21cm. Here we go!

DIY la pochette pour tablette


  • a cotton fabric cloth

50cm is more than enough (with a width of 140cm). I chose two different patterns (exterior + lining) in the exclusieve collection By Léa >

50cm is more than enough. According to your preferences, if you want  more of a "cardboard" cover, you can choose for the viseline decovil >

I chose a 45cm long one.

To make your handles.

Step 1 : Cutting and stabilize 

Take your cotton fabric and cut your pieces: 

  • 4 rectangles of 29x23cm (exterior + lining)
  • 2 strips of 4x60cm
  • 4 strips of 2x43cm

Next, take the viseline and cut :  

  • 2 rectangles of 29x23cm
  • 1 strip of 4x60cm
  • 2 strips of 2x43cm


For the large rectangles be sure to round the edges. Stabilize the front pieces of the sleeve (not the lining) and the strips. Do not use steam: the stabilizer sets with heat and small pressures of a few minutes are sufficient.

découpes les pièces de votre housse pour tablette

Step 2 : the zipper

Start by placing the zipper on the stabilized strips of 2x43cm. 

placer la tirette

Then place the 4X60cm strip at both ends of the zipper to form the outline of your cover. You get this:

contour de la trousse

Step 3 : the handles

Divide your piece of strap in 2 to obtain 2 handles. Pin them each on the 2 front sides (exterior) well in the center. I left 10cm apart.

disposer les anses

Step 4 : making the pocket

Take your the outline of the sleeve and sew it on one side right sides together. Do not forget to notch the roundings for a better fit when turned over.

montage de la trousse

Repeat for the second side, leaving the zipper open. 

montage de la face avant

The front is ready.

Step 5 : the lining

Repeat the step while adding the lining. There are two ways to do this: 

1. You start with the closure and build the whole thing up as in the previous steps, remember to leave an opening so that you can turn it over.

2. Assemble the lining separately and add it to the cover later. This is how I proceeded. So I sew the sides,  right sides together, of my lining and leave an opening of 10 cm.

montage de la doublure à part

I then fit the sleeve (front side) into the lining right sides together.

doubler la housse

I pin and sew a straight seam. I turn the work over and finish with a nice hand stitch in places that are hard to reach.

la housse pour tablette est terminée 

Tadaaam... Your tablet sleeve is ready !

See you soon,


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