DIY the bath cape

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Perfect for your kids: the bath cape to put on after the pool, the shower or the swim ;-) Very easy to sew,  this poncho is very practical and prevents your little ones from being cold when they get them out of the water. Here is the tutorial...

diy la cape de bain


matériel pour coudre votre cape de bain

Depending on the season and the activity you can opt for a thicker or thinner absorbent terry. I used a light honeycomb cotton for the vacations. I make others in bamboo terry cloth fabric or 100% OEKO-TEX® cotton for home and sports activities.

CALCULATION for the body 

for the heigth : calculate the standing distance between the neck and the floor. 

for the width : 90cm is enough

CALCULATION for the hood

a rectangle of 25cm X the size of your child's head

Step 1: the body of the cape

I cut the rectangle of the body. I fold in 2 in the direction of the height then again in 2 in the other direction.

On the corner without folds I trace and cut to round the corner. So that the bottom of the cape will have a better fall.

j'arrondis l'angle

j'ai un arrondi

On the opposite corner with fold I will cut out the neckline. Measure your child's head size and add 5cm. Then divide this result by 4.

Rose's head size is 45cm + 5cm = 50 cm which I divide by 4 = 12,5cm.

I transfer this measurement to the side from the folded corner and I pin.


j'épingle l'encolure

I open in 2 and cut out the fold. I'm sure my neckline is centered.



Step 2: place the bias binding

I then put the bias binding all around the bottom of the cape.

le biais

le biais

Step 3: the hood

I take the rectangle cloth for the hood and lay the bias binding on one long side.


I fold in 2 lengthwise and sew the back.

la capuche

You know have this :

l'arrière de la capuche

I pin the hood on the neckline and sew.

j'épingle la capuche sur l'encolure

je couds

All I have to do is put a piece of bias binding on the front at the neckline.

je marque au fer

Make with it with the iron and your bath cape is ready!

le poncho de bain

cape de bain pour enfant

la cape de bain tuto

See you soon,


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Paul Tikite - 04/12/2023 13:01:42

Personnellement j ai eu un coup de coeur pour les vêtements de voile de laine . Ils sont vraiment de super qualité.

Les Tissus du Chien Vert - 09/07/2022 14:16:49

Bonjour Claire, Oui tout à fait : coudre les pièces endroit contre endroit puis retourner ;-)

Claire - 09/07/2022 09:13:11

Bonjour, super, si je souhaite le doubler, ce sont les mêmes étapes ? Merci

Manon - 05/05/2022 16:38:10

J'adore le manière dont c'est fait , je vais prendre le tissu au metre pour le reproduire, top !