DIY sew an egg in fabric

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It's just the right thing to set the scene on your Easter table. Léa had fun sewing these little fabric eggs. Zero waste sewing project: use your scraps :-) Here's the tutorial... It's up to you now !

DIY coudre des oeufs en tissu


Step 1 : cut

Print the PDF and transfer/cut out the shapes of the egg parts on the reverse side of the fabric. I give you 3 different sizes.

You need  4 pieces of the same shape to make 1 egg. 

Step 2 : sew

Sew each side together: stack 2 pieces right sides together and sew one side only. Unfold the work and sew the other parts in the same way. On the last piece, leave a 5cm opening for filling.

Turn over and fill your fabric egg. Close and you're done !

coudre des œufs en tissus

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