DIY the snood for adults

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Brrrr it's cold outside ... I could go out, go for a walk, take some breath of fresh air ... well tomorrow promised! Before I'll sew myself a very soft & warm snood ... Nothing better to protect myself from the cold! And easy to make too. Here is the tutorial for sewing a snood for adults:

tuto du snood pour adulte



To sew your snood :

  • 30cm fabric for the exterior

According to your style... I melted for this duffle sweatshirt fabric ❤ for the first one, and I chose faux smooth fur for the second one !

  • 30 cm lining fabric

I suggest to use minky fabric = warm and soft on the skin !

Step 1 :

assemble the sides of the snood

Cut the 2 pieces according to the cutting scheme below:
schéma de coupe
1 piece for the exterior side and 1 other for the lining (minkee) with 1cm less in height so that it is less visible once the snood is turned over.
découper les pièces du snood
Assemble the sides right sides together, making a straight stitch on both lengths. Turn the piece over. You get this:
coudre les deux faces endroit contre endroit et retourner

Etape 2 :

Closure and finishing touch of the collar

Start by closing the fabric for the exterior (mine is the sweatshirt fabric), keeping the two ends right sides together. Pin and then stitch.
fermer le tissu extérieur du col
It gets a little trickier to close the lining: repeat the same step but you won't be able to do the entire length at once. So I advise you to make 3 to 4cm on one side then the other. Then lay out the collar flat and close with a blind point the remaining few cm.

Your snood is ready to use! "Come on, let's get some fresh air."
tuto coudre un snood
See you soon,

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