DIY the school apron

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At school or at home ... Here's how to sew an apron for your children or for an adult :-) Painting, coloring, cooking ... let's get started with creative activities! Your children's clothes will be protected 360 degrees thanks to my trick for placing the straps. Here is the tutorial ...

tuto coudre un tablier


To make your children's apron :

The advantage of coated cotton is that it has a non-staining treatment ! But you can use a simple cotton if you prefer.

Sewing scheme

Kids version :

schéma de couture tablier enfant

Sewing scheme

Adult version :

schéma de couture tablier adulte

Step 1

Cut out the parts

A/ for the straps, cut two pieces of 50cm X 8 cm. 

B/ For the body, you need a piece of 80cm (width) X 65cm (height). You can adjust the height according to your child's height.

Step 2

Making the straps

Take a piece A / and fold it right sides together lengthwise. Stitch the edge of the long side, then turn the work over. You have the first strap. Repeat the step with the second piece.

Step 3 :

The body of the apron

Take piece B / and make a hem of 1.5cm on all 4 sides. Then come and sew the straps that you solidify with a cross stitching.
le tablier est terminé
And there you have it ... You only have to put your apron and get creative! Don't hesitate to customize it if you want to make it more practical and fun: sew a pocket on the front, sew decorative buttons, embroider a name,...

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