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Discover our collections of plain or patterned 100% cotton fabrics for an infinite number of projects. Used for both clothing and accessories, give your imagination free rein with these varied and original patterns.

Quality and benefits: our printed cotton fabrics are:

  • resistant and durable: made from high-quality fibres, cotton can withstand frequent use and repeated washing without deterioration.
  • easy and fun to sew: cotton is perfect if you're just starting to sew.
  • easy to clean: all our patterned cottons are machine washable.
  • ultra versatile: use cotton fabric to sew clothing or fashion accessories. But also to create decorative objects or zero waste items.

A variety of prints for all tastes!

You'll find something to sew all your creative ideas with themed designs in a wide range of colours. Use our filters to help you find the right fabric for your project.

- Floral motifs: a touch of freshness and pizzazz with our varieties of colourful flowers for your clothes and accessories.

- Graphic patterns: a modern, bold style for trendy clothes and accessories.

- Check patterns: timeless and essential, checks are always in fashion! Tartan, gingham, Prince of Wales... There's something for every style.

- Fruit motifs: the perfect way to liven up your kitchen accessories or your little ones' clothes and games.

- Animal motifs: fu net originality with animal motifs from the world of the savannah and the forest, not forgetting birds.

- Children's motifs: everything you need to create a magical atmosphere in a child's bedroom, baby accessories and clothes that kids will love.

And to match the colours of your designs in your sewing creation, browse our collection of plain 100%cotton fabrics.

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