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Go for a swim while avoiding germs and inconvenience in the cubicle thanks to the dry feet mat for the pool. Practical and useful because once  closed it converts into a small waterproof shoulder bag containing your wet things! Adapt the dimensions if necessary to sew your  kids' dry feet carpet bags ;-) Here is the tutorial ...

DIY le tapis nomade pieds au sec

Material to make your Dry feet mat

With these measurements I have sown a mat for my daughter with a diameter of 55cm once unfolded :

  • 60cm coated cotton

you will find your happiness here or you can also choose a simple printed cotton to coat yourself with the waterproof coating "odicoat".

  • 60cm bambou terry cloth fabric

I used a bambou viscose fabric  thin and flexible ☺

choose the once with a diameter of minimum 5mm according to the thickness of your cord

Making the dry feet bag

Step 1 : preparing the 2 circles

No need for a compass, just a pencil and a piece of string: place the cotton face down towards you and tie the string around your pencil. Take a distance of 27.5cm and draw the circle on the fabric.

tracer un cercle et découper le premier tissu

Cut out the circle and then place it right sides together on the bamboo viscose. Pin them together and cut out all around. You now have your two circles.

préparez le deuxième tissu

vous obtenez vos deux cercles

Step 2 : assemble the circles

Superimpose the circles right sides together and stitch the circumference at 1cm from the edge, leaving an opening of  10cm to turn it over.

piquer et retourner l'ouvrage

Once turned, iron by flattening the seams well so that the work is nice and round. Make a new seam 3mm from the edge while closing the opening.

piquer le pourtour du disque

Step 3 : the rivets

Fold the disc in half on the terry cloth side and pin on each side of the fold: you get the first marks for the rivets.

marquer la position du rivet

Fold in half again and do the same step: you now have 4 marks.

marquer la position des rivets

You only have to mark the middle of each of these marks in order to prepare the placement of 8 rivets.

marquer la position des rivets à 1cm du bord

Put your marks 1cm from the edge and make a small hole using a thread cutter to be able to insert the bottom part of the rivet. Here are some pictures to help you  :

placer les rivets

placer les rivets

placer les rivets

placer les rivets

Then take the cord and pass it through the rivets. Either by making a knot or by using a cord lock as for sweatshirts.

placer les rivets

Your dry feet mat for the pool is finished ! Put your swimsuit inside before closing it and you have a waterproof pouch for after the swimming lesson. Practical right ?

tapis nomade de piscine

See you soon, L.

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Muriel - 06/24/2024 22:57:25

Pour ma part, j'ai doublé le nombre d’œillets, et c'est beaucoup plus aisé de refermer le pochon tout en gardant une bon volume de rangement à l'intérieur

Da luz rijo liliane - 06/20/2024 13:43:47

bravo simple joli et facile a faire

Carole Lesueur - 04/03/2022 21:41:25

Super idée !! Je l’adopte