DIY - the oversized blouse

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«MY OVERSIZED BLOUSE» - Free tutorial & pattern - Sew this wide blouse for every occasion this summer

DIY - coudre une blouse oversized

Material to sew your blouse:

  • 1,60m smooth fabric resembling viscose, cotton twill or flexible polyester.
  • 1 sewing thread
  • 1 small piece of elastic 6cm
  • 1 button
  • download here the free pattern

Step 1: Cut the pieces out

découper et surjeter

Start by cutting all the pieces. If your fabric is very flexible, I recommend interfacing the facings. Then serger each piece as shown on the pink lines above.

Step 2 : the back

Assemble the 2 back sections right sides together and sew 1cm from the edge, stopping at the top and bottom slits. Iron to close the seams. Then sew a small perpendicular straight seam to reinforce your slits.

les fentes

Step 3 : assemble the back and front

Sew right sides together, starting at the shoulders and then the sides. Be sure to leave a 24cm gap for the sleeves. Press seams flat.

assemblage du corps

Step 4: the sleeves

Sew the sleeve pieces right sides together, 1cm from the edge, to form a circle. Fold in half, wrong sides together, and press the fold.  Lay your sleeve flat.

coudre la manche

Make a notch at 24cm as shown and place your sleeve in the opening left on the body of the blouse.  Warning:  to leave the overlocked part on the other side, right sides together. Stitch around the edge at 1cm and repeat on the other side.


assemblage manche et corps de blouse

la manche est posée

Fold over and press 1cm to the edge of your sleeve, then fold over a second time to the armhole seam. Pin in place and hand-stitch to make it look better from the outside.

finition de la manche

Step 5: the facings 

Assemble the facings: the front part and the two back parts.

On the back, position right sides together on the shoulder lines. Stitch around the edge at 1cm. make a notch at the front rounding to facilitate fitting.

les parmentures

les parmentures

Before folding the facing, insert the small piece of elastic folded in 2. This loop should exceed +/-1cm depending on your button.


la boucle élastique

Fold right sides together and make a straight stitch at 1 cm. Don't forget to trim the corner before turning, then sew on your button.

All that's left is to hem the bottom and your blouse is done!

ma blouse oversized cousue main

ma blouse oversized cousue main

See you soon,


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