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"Essential": a shoulder pouch that lives up to its name and that you can use to carry the minimum you need even for small trips ;-) Here's how to sew it...

DIY coudre une pochette bandoulière


Step 1: cut out

Cut out the different parts of the bag according to the pattern. 

découper les pièces du sac

Take the sides and sew them onto the wadding (or foam), making parallel lines so that the fabric holds well to the backing.

Step 2: the pocket 

To make the pocket, first place the piping on the right side of one side, then sew right sides together on the 2 faces of the pocket. Turn over and iron.

la poche

You'll get this:

la poche est prête

Step 3: the zipper  

Sew the zipper to the 2 smallest pieces.

poser la fermeture éclair

Connect by adding the next larger piece of fabric to create the outline of your pouch.

raccorder le tout

Lay out the pouch and pin the outline right sides together on the front. Stitch around the edges and notch the rounded edges for a pretty finish.



Step 4: the buckles and assembling 

Cut 2 strips of 8cm ribbon (or bias binding) and insert them into the loops. Arrange them like this:

les lanières

Stitch to secure. Pin the remaining side right sides together and sew around the edges. Don't forget to leave your zipper open to turn your pouch inside out. The outside of your pouch is finished.

les lanières

Step 5: the lining

Assemble the lining by repeating the procedure in the previous steps, except that you will sew the zipper at the end. Don't forget to leave an opening at the bottom to turn the lining inside out.

la doublure

Tuck the pouch into the lining like this:

doubler le sac

doubler le sac

Then sew the lining to the zipper as you would a classic installation. Turn the pouch over through the opening and close with a hand stitch.

retourner et fermer

Make a small stitch by hand to finish the base of the zipper with your lining.

All that's left is to attach your ribbon to the loops with a hand-stitch, which will be more discreet.

And that's it, your essential pouch is finished !

votre pochette essentiel est temrinée

tuto coudre une pochette bandoulière

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Marie - 07/27/2023 21:25:08

merci pour ce tuto , c'est super ce que vous faite