DIY the Clutch bag

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A minimalist, very practical handbag for carrying the minimum you need! This clutch bag features a decorative strap to match the chosen fabric. It will surely complete your look. Here's how to sew a pretty clutch bag

DIY couture - le sac clutch


fournitures pour coudre le clutch bag

schéma de couture

Step 1 : the flap

Cut your pieces according to the pattern. Take the rounded piece and place the braid trim with fringes around the edge. 

poser le galon sur le rabat

Place the lining right sides together and sew around the rounded edge. Be careful not to sew the right side.

doubler le rabat

Step 2: the body of the clutch

Place and sew the braid trim onto the strap. You've got your decorative lanyard to match the fabric.

Take the 2 rectangle pieces previously cut according to the pattern. Place the 7cm lanyard right sides together on one side. Place the other side right sides together and sew the 3 sides together.

le corps du sac clutch  

Turn it inside out and the body of your bag is created.

le corps de pochette clutch

Step 3: assemble

PLace the flap right sides together on the bag.

rabat sur pochette

And sew the flap on the back at 0.5CM. Then fold the flap forward and position your button. Sew with a buttonhole.

le rabat

le bouton

Step 4: lining the clutch bag

Make the lining using the pre-cut rectangles provided: sew the 3 sides right sides together, leaving an 8cm opening on the long side

confectionner la doublure

Slide your bag right side out into your lining, which is inside out. Sew around the edge and turn inside out through the opening left in the lining.

coudre le pourtour et retourner

Close with a hand stitch... Your clutch bag is ready.

le sac clutch est terminé

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