To wear a skirt : What model should I choose ?

Quelle jupe porter en fonction de sa morphologie pour mettre son corps en valeur ? Je vous livre mes quelques conseils et vous propose des tutos pour coudre LA jupe qu’il vous faut 😉

La jupe,  le vêtement indispensable à posséder dans son dressing pour les beaux jours! En version courte, midi ou longue, en coupe cintrée, regular ou ample, en matière fluide ou rigide… La jupe s’adapte à tous les looks… Et pour tous les corps !

A-V-H-O-X ? To define you figure

choisir la coupe de jupe par rapport à sa silhouette

I’ll strat with some good new and I insist : ALL WOMEN can wear skirts !  We all have different bodies ( all the better )… The trick is to choose a skirt model according to your heigth and figure that mother nature gave us.

I am “A”

Your hips are wider than your shoulders: You have an “A” figure.

The bottom part is more marked than the top part. The goal is to rebalance the volume of the shoulders by giving more attention on the top part of the body. Chose skater skirts, tulip skirt, straight skirt with split or pencil skirt.

Give priority to vertical patterns, when the fabric is light and fluid (elastic). Avoid fabric that are stiff, straigth skits and flashy colors.

A tutorial for you :
The long gathered skirt >


la jupe longue à fronces
DIY la jupe longue à fronces

I am “V”

Your shoulders are wider than your hips : You have a “V” figure.

Your ideal skirt has to give volume to your hips. Choose skirts with a flared cut and a a low-cut or mid-high if you want to cover your belly.

Go for colorful prints and light colors. Fabrics as leather or daim will be perfect for you.

If you are rather thin choose for straight or flared skirt, no matter the fabric. If you are very thin skirt that are not slim fit will fit you wonderfully.


A tutorial for you : 
"Solène" skirt light and plesant >


diy la jupe longue fluide
DIY la jupe longue fluide

I am “H”

Your shoulders are in line with your hips, your waist is not marked : You have an “H” figure.

Since your waist is not marked, avoid highlighting your hips that are not marked. Avoid also fitted skirts or high waist skirt, lean more towards fluid fabrics with plain shades.

If you have round legs, I advise you to go for thin skirts, flared , fluid or straight and skirts that are not tight.

Don’t hesitate to give in to models like mini skirt, but also long skirts with a split. Discover het the sewing technique to make a split for comfort 

A tutorial for you :
the maxi skirt in jersey >


I am  “O”

For round figures, the goal of the skirt is to extend the look by maintaining the belly but not with a too slim cut.

Go for fluid and light fabric and choose dark and plain shades. When you sew (or wear a high waist skirt type, you’ll refine your figure.

For the cut, choose for a straight skirt, mid-long skirt, corolla skirt or pencil skirt.

Avoid pleated skirts, maxi skirts or with ruffles  that gives volume…avoid also printed fabrics with big patterns.


A tutorial for you :
Straight skirt with pleats >


DIY la jupe droite à plis
DIY la jupe en WAX

I am  “X”

You are busty, your shoulders are in lign with your hips, you waist is thin and well marked: you have a “X” figure.

Wear high waisted skirts with belts. Show your legs with a pencil skirt, fitted skirt, A-line skirt or mid-long skirt.

If your legs are rather thin, almost every skirt model will look well. Avoid wide, too large or too long skirts and go for model that will highlight your thin waist and the length of your legs.

On the other hand , if you are a “X” figure and you have round legs; I advise you to choose fluid skirts with little volume, near to the body like the ones for an “A” figure.

A tutorial for you :
the adjusted gathered skirt >

la jupe légèrement froncée
version légèrement froncée

Share your thoughts in comments AND DEFINITLY  share your creations on instagram with the hashtag #lestissusduchienvert

See you soon,



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