DIY : The lined tote bag

Un sac qui doit vous dire quelque chose si vous êtes passés nous voir sur les salons. Vous l’avez admiré… Je vous propose maintenant de le réaliser! Voici le tuto du sac fourre-tout type tote bag. Il est pratique pour y glisser tout le minimum utile et doublé pour le rendre bien résistant. On ajoute une poche et des rubans fantaisie pour le rendre original😉

DIY le sac fourre-tout fleuri
DIY le sac fourre-tout oeufs durs
DIY le sac fourre-tout à franges


matériel nécessaire

to make your tote bag :

  • 1M. fabric for the exterior of the bag

I used a shiny polyester fabric with flamingo prints

I chose a white ribbon with fringes to embellish the contour of the bag. You can also use braid trims with pompoms, lace,…. dentelle,…

To make handles

To Download in A4 format here

Step 1 : Cut the parts of the bag

Print your pattern and assemble the 4 A4 pages to make your bag. Transfer the forms on the fabric at the level of the fold and cut the elements. You have now:

  • 2 form in the fabric for the exterior
  • 2 form in the lining fabric
  • the pocket (fabric of your choice)

Step 2 : The pocket of the bag

Take a the form of the pocket and make a hem of 1cm on the heigth. Also make a hem on the perimeter: pin the fabric on the round part for more ease before ironing it.

Pin the pocket on the exterior side of the bag at a few centimeters of the height. Sew the edges and try to respect the seam of the pattern ✌

Step 3 : assemble de sides of the bag

Start by sewing the two clips of each front (exterior + lining) with right sides facing.

Before assembling the exterior of the bag, pin and sew the fantasie haberdashery (here a ribbon with fringes) right side of one of the fronts. Note: the fringes are orientated towards the interior of the bag.

Overlap now the 2 sides with right sides facing. Pin and sew the rounded perimeter. Turn it: the exterior of the bag is ready.

Repeat the action to assemble the lining by sewing the perimeter while leaving an opening of 10cm in the downside ( so you can turn your bag in the last step).

assembler les faces de la doublure du sac

Step 4 : the handle of the bag

Prepare your 2 pieces of 50cm long straps on a width of 4cm. Pin on each side on the exterior of the bag, center it well. You can make a stitch to maintain their position before the following step, but this is just an option…


placer les sangles du sac

Step  5 : line your tote bag

Tuck the back in the interior of the lining with right sides facing. Adjust the lateral seams and pin it.

rentrer le sac dans la doublure

Sew the perimeter at 1cm of the edge and turn it thanks to the opening you left in the lining. Close it afterwards.

Flatten the seams, iron and strengthen your bag with a new stitch on the perimeter.

cousez le pourtour

There you have itl 🙂 Your tote bag can be used !

See you soon,


votre tote bag est terminé !
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