DIY the gathered skirt

New saison, new skirt !  I started a new model to welcome the summer. I present to you the gathered skirt with sizes mini, mid-long or long. There are two versions to sew it: the flared shape (with more gathers) or the tailored one… Here is the tutorial…


To make your skirt with gathers :

  • Fabric of choice

For the width : Divide the waist circumference by 2

For the height : it depends ont the heigth you want. Look at the plan here under…

  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Elastic with width of 3 to 4 cm

For the quantity, make this calculation : 

(waist circumference divided by 2) – 5cm = the height

  • Sewing machine



la jupe longue à fronces
plan de coupe

Step 1 : the frontside

Fold in half the pieces that will be used as a belt , wrong sides together. If you chose a thin fabric don’t forget to thermobond the 2 pieces before you start.

Fold at 1 cm along the edge.

préparation de la ceinture

On the frontside of the skirt, make a wide straight stitch at 1cm to gather the piece until it makes the width of the belt (= width of your waist). Spread the gatheres equally.

Put the piece of the belt for the front on the piece for the front of the skirt, right side on wrong side. Pin it and make a straight stitch.  

Fold the belt and make a straight stitch again on the edge of the skirt. 

The frontside is done !

Step 2 : now, the backside

Make the same steps as before by putting the second piece of the belt on the back of the skirt. This as to be done flat without gathers. 

Place the elastic in the hem. Put a paper clip at the end of the elastic, to make it easier.  

placer un trombone sur l'élastique

Put the elastic and close the first end with a straight stitch. Bring the elastic out (with a safety pin) on the other side, remove the safety pin and close with a straight stitch. 

The backside is done ! 

Step 3 : assembling et finishing touches

Place the 2 sides, right sides together, and sew a straigth stitch all along.  You only need to do the edges of the bottom part…. and wear your beautiful skirt ! 



la jupe légèrement froncée
plan de coupe

For this version,  You’ll make a split for comfort. Good news, I’ll show you the technique to do in this article.

The following steps  are similar to the ones in  VERSION 1 (beginning of the article).


To make the backside of the skirt, assemble the 2 pieces by making a big split for comfort ! You decide what heigth it will be according to the heigth of the skirt you chose.

DIY Split for comfort

Sewing technique

Make a split for more comfort in this step-by-step tutorial >

Once the pieces assembled put the belt  en the elasitic like explaind before.


Time to try on the skirt !

la jupe courte à fronces
la jupe légèrement froncée
la jupe longue à fronces
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