DIY the «besace» bag

A new type of handbag, beautiful and practical to take a few useful stuff: I call it the «the besace bag» !  It has a shoulder strap and a movable flap on the front. Here is the step by step tutorial….



To make you besace bag, you’ll need :

You can choose cloths of fabrics in the material you like: faux leather, coated, cotton,….

  • For the lining : 2 cloths of  30x24cm
  • For the flap : 2 clothes of  30x24cm and 70cm of piping
  • For the main part : 2 clothes of 35x27cm
  • For the strap : I chose a length of 65cm to have it close to me
  • Pattern to download here>

Step 1 : the cloths

Transfer the pieces of the pattern and cut you cloths of fabric.

Step 2 : the flap

Take the two cloths of the flap.

On the first, place the piping by means of a pin or clip and make a straight stitch. On the second place the snap fastener.

Overlap afterwards the two pieces with right sides facing and make a seam by going through the piping. Clip the round edges en turn it: the flap is ready.

Step 3 : the main part

Put the 2 pieces of the main part and make the fold like showed on the schema.

Place the second snap fastener like shown.

Overlap the pieces with right sides by matching the folds and making a straight stitch.

Turn it : the main part of the bag is ready.

Step 4 : the strap

Place the piece of strap and the flap on the back of the bag like indicated on the picture under. Pin (or clip) everything….

Step 5 : the lining

Sew the two pieces for the lining with right sides facing while leaving an opening of 10cm downside.

Tuck th bag in the lining, pin it, make a stitch on the perimeter while taking in account all the thicknesses.

rentrez le corps du sac dans la doublure

Step 6 : The finishing touch

Turn the bag through the opening you left, then close and iron it.

Your besace bag is done !

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