DIY the bath mat bag

Go swim while avoiding germs and inconveniences in cubicles thanks to the bath mat for the pool. Practical and useful because once closed it becomes a small waterproof bag with shoulder strap with you wet stuff! Here is the tutorial…  

Materiel to make  your bath mat

With these quantity I sew a math for my daugther with a diameter of  55cm once unfolded  :

  • 60cm of coated cotton

You can find what you wish here > or you can choose a simple printed cotton > that you can coat yourself with a waterproofing “odicoat” >

  • 60cm of bamboo terry cloth

I used this fabric with 90% of viscose of bamboo, thin and flexible  ☺

Choose a minimum diameters of  5mm according to the thickness of the cord

To make a bath mat

Step 1 : prepare the 2 circles

You don’t need a compass, only a crayon and piece of thread: place the backside of the cotton towards you and tie the piece of thread to the crayon. Take distance of 27,5cm and draw the circle on the fabric.

Cut the circle and place the viscose of bambou with rigth sides facing. Pin them together en cut around it. You have know two circles.

Step  2 : assemble the circles

Sew the perimeter at 1cm of the edge leaving an opening of 10cm to reverse the plate. Once reversed iron by flattening the seams to make the plate round. Make a stitch at  3mm from the edge by closing the opening.

Step 3 : The rivets

Fold the plate on the terry cloth and pin it on each side of the fold : You now have the first marks for the rivets. Fold it once again and repeat the process: you now have 4 marks. Mark the middel of each mark to have the placement for your 8 rivets.

Place your marks at 1cm of the edge and make a small hole with a wire-cutter to put the receding part of the rivet. Here are some images to help you :

Then take the cord and put it in the rivet. Make a knot or use a cord lock like the one used for sweaters.

Votre tapis de piscine pieds au sec est terminé ! Fini de se rhabiller en jetant son essuie par terre 😉 Glissez-y votre maillot avant de le refermer et vous obtenez un pochon imperméable après le cours de piscine. Pratique non ?

À bientôt,


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