DIY - sew a crown in fabric

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King or queen of three kings cake ? Birthday? Here's how to sew a nice crown in fabric for the lucky winner of the day... 

couronne en tissu galette des rois

Material : 

  • a piece of fabric for the exterior - 12x60cm
  • a piece of fabric for the interior - 12x60cm

I chose the same fabric for both sides : a fabric scrap of cotton gauze with dots.

Step 1

Take the fabric for the exterior and stabilize with the fleece. On the reverse side of the interior fabric, trace the pattern of the crown. Then superimpose the 2 cloths of fabric right sides together. 

découper les formes de la couronne en tissus

Step 2

Sew in a straight stitch following the pattern of the crown that you have traced and then cut the edge to a few millimeters to obtain the desired shape. Turn the piece over and close the 2 ends.

assemblage des faces de la couronne en tissus

la couronne en tissu est presque prête

Step 3

Pin the braid trim at 10cm from each edge and sew a small rectangle of reinforcement on the crown. 

épingler le galon sur la couronne

coudre le galon à l'intérieur de la couronne en tissu

And you're done! This fabric crown can go on young and old ;-) 

la couronne en tissu côté intérieur

coudre une couronne ne tissus

See you soon,

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