Reusable dish cover

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We are continuing with zero waste sewing projects. I present to you my fabric dish cover to cover and keep my dishes in the fridge. Say "Goodbye!" to plastic film and make your new reusable lids in several sizes. They are waterproof, ecological, and ... so cute, making your fridge colorful!

coudre une charlotte couvre plat réutilisable

The fabric dish cover : practical and ecological 

Who manages to cover their dishes with plastic film at the first try? Not me! Every time it tears badly or it is cut too short ... And it ends up straight in the trash. Aluminum foil? Mmm yeah, it's a little easier to handle but personally I don't really like knowing it in contact with my food since we are still not sure if it is harmful or not for the health.

At least my fabric dish cover is airtight and easy to use thanks to its elastic. Next to this, it is free of all harmful substances: I use an OekoTex® certified coated cotton. This means I produce less waste and I preserve my planet.

My washable and reusable dish cover

Not to mention that my fabric dish cover has a long lifespan! For maintenance a simple wipe of a sponge is enough. If necessary, a small turn at 30 ° in the washing machine. This means I save money✌.

How do you make your fabric lids ?


Well, not a lot actually :

  • A piece of coated cotton

It varies depending on your pot. One fabric scrap may be enough, but if you need to buy some fabric to make variant dish covers in several sizes, go here>  

  • An elastic

For the tutorial I chose a fairly thick and wide golden lurex for the pictures. But you will find what you need here> 

Step 1 : mesure - calculate - cut

Measure the diameter of your dish to cover. Add 4 cm and trace the diameter on your coated cotton. Cut out the circle.

For the elastic, make the following calculation :

The diameter of your dish (cm) X 2.3 = the length of elastic you need. Cut out your piece of elastic.

To close the elastic, overlap the two ends on 2cm and sew the 4 sides.

découper vos cercles

Step 2 : the seams

Pin the 2 ends of the elastic to the coated cotton right side up. 

The most complicated part of this exercise is keeping the elastic stretched over the cotton while sewing. If you do not feel comfortable, do not hesitate to pin every 1 cm.

placer l'élastique sur le coton

Once the seam is finished, release the tension of the elastic by removing the pins.

Turn it over: your fabric dish cover is ready to be used. Come on, in the fridge!

mon couvre plat réutilisable est terminé

See you soon,


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